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Планировка залов большой вместимости (1500—2500 мест)

  • Автор: Admin
  • 19-06-2012, 23:37
Main sections of Private Labels of FMCG Chains in Russia, Trends of 2011 and Prognosis till 2015 Research. No. Section’s Title Section’s description About the Research Aims, objectives and methods of the Research, main prerequisites of its realization, experience of IA in the field of retail trade. 1 International experience of private labels development by FMCG retail chains Approaches to research and treatment of PL phenomenon, classification of PL, basic strategic principles of PL creation; history, main trends and development performance figures of PL world market. Description of strategies and private label development indexes of the leading international chains FMCG: Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Metro, Tesco, Schwarz, Aldi, Target, Auchan, Edeka. 2 Structure of consumers’ preferences in Russia and countries of the world Changes in consumers’ preferences of population in Russia and countries of the world in the segment of PL food commodities at retail chains under recession and economic recovery conditions. 3 Russian market of private labels goods at retail chains Description of specific development of PL market in Russia, rating of 50 largest retailers of FMCG segment in Russia according to key indexes of PL development, number of stores and their aggregate trading floorspace, business-references on strategies and PL development results at FMCG chains in Russia, as well as plans for development of PL. 4 Practices of private labels development and promotion by FMCG retail chains in Russia Analyses of the main problems of FMCG chains of Russia related to management of private labels, key directions of efficiency enhancement. ? In 2002 – Topical News: Trading Chains service. ? In 2004 – information portal with traffic of more than 12 thousand visitors a day. The subject of Trading chains is one of the most popular at the portal. ? In 2005 – an archive of topical materials devoted to the subject of Trading chains. ? In 2005 – quarterly branch FMCG Trading Chains, number of users – 200 companies. ? In second quarter 2008 – Hypermarkets Segment research. ? In the 1st quarter of 2009 – a monthly periodical branch survey Rating of FMCG Trading Chains in Russia, containing performance dynamics of 70 major retailers in Russia. ? In second quarter 2009 – a survey devoted to the subject of Retail Foodstuffs Trade in Russia in 2008-2009 Effects of crisis. ? In second quarter 2010 – Retail FMCG Trade in Russia. Results of 2009. Prognosis till 2012 research. ? In the forth quarter of 2010 –550 FMCG Trading Chains of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Republic of Belarus database, which includes the basic results of the research of the retail trade in regions and contact information for 550 largest FMCG store chains of Russia with sales volumes over 2300 billion US dollars 2008 (these chains contain 69 thousand trading units with total trading floorspace of more than 17 million square meters).
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  • Планировка залов большой вместимости (1500—2500 мест)